How To Play Paintball

Vancouver Island Paintball - Stormin Norman PaintballPaintball is most commonly played by teams identified by colored armbands. Teams can range from 3 to 4 players to as many as 2000 a side! Each team strives to achieve a “goal” or “objective”, similar to many other “ball” oriented sports.


Players will attempt to eliminate opposing players from play by “tagging” them with paintballs. If a player is “hit” and the paintball

Vancouver Island Paintball - Stormin Norman Paintball

breaks anywhere on the player’s body or equipment, resulting in a paint “splat”, the player is considered “out” and must immediately leave the playing field to the designated safe or neutral area.

Vancouver Island Paintball - Stormin Norman PaintballGames usually last approximately 15 minutes, with resurrection for the first 10 minutes. Then followed by Classic attack & defend and Capture the flag scenarios. Objectives can range from capturing or defending a flag to eliminating the opposing team entirely. Whichever the case, the game will challenge players both physically and mentally as exertion and cleverness are integral to winning.