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As a veteran of the NPPL tournament circuit and a 5 time World Cup player, Stormin Normans Extreme Paintball Club offers players with their own equipment a chance to play against each other at a higher level of play.

We have a wide range of players involved in the club from 10-100 years old and both male and female. So if you love paintball, own your own equipment and have a desire to play at a challenging level, then the Untouchables Club is a good place for you.

Skills learned include:

kompound pics 026Increased awareness of the game, both on and off the field.

The ability to work as a team to accomplish the goals of the game.

Better gun skills such as shooting and moving, left and right hand shooting and “sweet spot” shooting.

A good understanding of use of cover such as playing in bunkers, using natural obstacles and “dead ground”

A good understanding of the players equipment, the upgrades available for them and lots of tech support.

What it takes to play at the highest level of paintball in the world!

A first hand insight as to how professional tournaments are run and to understand the rules that go with them.

Club members enjoy dramatically reduced paint and air prices as well as the opportunity to increase their skills in a friendly, organized environment.